Looking for a professional signage, LED Screen & lighting company for your project?

Indoor LED Signage LCD Standee Display

Our indoor LED Signages provides high quality, affordable, well designed and energy efficient for activity & productivity. By providing the styling, efficiency and performance you desire for retail advertising, office lighting and hospitality.

Outdoor LED Signage & Lighting


Volente LED Technologies carries a wide variety of outdoor signage & lighting for applications. Regardless of the type of facility you need to purchase advertising for, our LED technology can give you what you need to provide effecient advertising message for your employees, customers, and other needs.

Lighting Accessories & Fittings

Volente LED luminaires redefine the art of lighting. Regardless of whether it is a matter of indoor or outdoor lighting, your choice of lights gives you great potential for influencing mood and atmosphere in your home. Improve your life with innovative LED lighting.



Visual Effects / Motion Graphics


We provide exhilarating visual effects/motions graphic that matches individual business style and philosophy with our in-house creative team.

Replacement Of Parts


As part of our commitment to building and supporting our partners, we’re proud to offer replacement parts for most of the product and stands we’ve preserved over the years.

On-Site Services


If hardware required for replacement, our technician will be dispatched replacing faulty parts or components with genuine replacement part on-site once report received.

Maintenance & Customer Service


We are more than happy to assist you if you have inquiry and feedback, our customer service will provide comprehensive support and guidance. Contact us via 

+6016-322 6568 / +6012-337 8886



With our experienced lighting engineers and service technicians, your company would not missed any chance on elevating your business with tailored installation and content needs.

Mechanical & Electrical Works


Our company contain professionals that expertise in mechanical & structural works, aluminium composite panels, signal cabling, facilitation of license applications and many more.

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